Saturday, 7 August 2010



2. Calculating the Fire Effect

For each artillery piece, throw two dice: a score equal or greater than the number of hexes to the target plus two is required to obtain a hit. For example, at three hexes range a score of five or more indicates a hit.

Whenever a double one is thrown, a mishap has occurred. Throw one dice and consult the table below to determine the event.

1Gun damaged: roll 1D6 per turn, scoring a total of 7+ to repair. Gun cannot move or fire until repaired
2Accident: one gunner killed or incapacitated
3Interruption to ammunition supply: cannot fire next turn
4Severe smoke: subtract 2 from 'to hit roll' on next turn and 1 on turn after if remaining in hex
5Smoke: subtract 1 from 'to hit roll' on next turn if remaining in hex
6Misfire: no other effect